About Us

Hey there! At Rebalance Planners our goal is two-fold; to assist the world becoming a more inclusive environment; and for individuals to independently feel happier than before they discovered us.

So we set out to create a considered solution to what we saw as some major issues around special needs parents and the ever rising rates of feelings around guilt, disorganization and the inability for self care.

At the same time, at every step, we balanced function, design and quality.

So lets break it down:


Problem: There seems to be an inability for self-care. 

Solution: We have PRIORITISED a space DAILY for self care for you, now take action! Even if its as simple as your skincare routine or taking an uninterrupted shower, selfcare is essential.

Problem: Some children are on multiple medications, some at different times administered differently. This can get confusing.

Solution: Included is an easy to read and manage medication tracker! 


Problem: I'm so forgetful I can't keep up with everyone!

Solution: Your planner is not just for you or your child. It caters for both needs. The layout is so you and your child's schedules are in the one place.

... I could continue. I have spent alot of time trying to cover most of our unique  needs and hope my experience as a special needs parent has been put to good use.

so go get your hands on one before they're gone because we cant always keep up with supply especially with Covid delays!

Rebalance Team